California Dream. Road trip Highway 1

We went for one month to San Diego and while we were there, we decided to do a road trip for one week. Since we were young, we always wanted to go to California. We enjoyed its music: The beach boys, the doors, the eagles, jefferson airplane, tupac, cypress hill, red hot chili peppers… and its films. We wanted to surf, party and enjoy the mixed culture.

Our trip started in San Diego and ended in Santa Barbara. In between, we visited also Orange Country and L.A. The easiest way to travel was renting a car and the cheapest one that we found was sleeping in motel 6.

San Diego was probably our favorite city. We lived over there in a nice apartment with our swiss friend Sabrina. There were a lot of nice beaches to surf and to chill, and bars. We bought a bicycle and at the end of the trip we were lucky enough to resell it for the same price.  Over there we met Judith, Nadja and Alex. When we were all together it was always about having fun. Most of the times we partied in pacific beach and enjoyed it a lot. We still miss our californian days with them.

For the rest of the trip, we rented two cars with some other friends from Spain that were staying in San Diego’s downtown. In L.A. we did the typical touristic staff and we met our local friend Mike. We ate nice food and we went to the six flags amusement park. The trip was all improvised. While we were driving we were watching the sights and we stopped any time we wanted to. We had nothing booked or planned.

The two last days we were in Santa Barbara. We met some locals and partied in their house the first day. The second day, we went to the beach and played volleyball.  We had to leave sooner than what we wanted but we still had some more days to experience San Diego and barbecues left before we went back home.

It is difficult to describe what was so good about California and our days over there. What we liked the most was the lifestyle and the people that we met. We enjoyed one of the best summers of our life. Thank you to everyone with who we share this amazing trip.


DSC_0167 2


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8 responses to “California Dream. Road trip Highway 1

  1. Did you get a chance to hang out at Hermosa or Redondo Beach area? I lived in Redondo Beach, CA for almost 10 years. I hope you get there someday 🙂

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