Taking life as it comes. A trip through Slovenia

Nature, lakes, mountains, rivers, beauty, sports and amazing people. That’s exactly what Slovenia offered us during the 10 days trip we did.

We visit Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital; bright and unique. While we were in the city we slept in Zeppelin Hostel, that is a small hostel perfect for those who love meeting new people. We visited the city and we had an amazing party night in Metelkova street with Patrick.

After Ljubljana we moved to Kamnik, a non touristic town where we met Andraž; a friendly local guy who showed us around and let us sleep in his house. The next day, he introduced us to his family and his mum cooked a typical Slovenian breakfast. After the tasty breakfast we went trekking and saw some mountains like Velika Planina. For lunch, we ate in a house in the mountains and walked by the riverside.

We moved from Kalmnik to Lake Bled and went by bicycle to visit an amazing gorge. On our way, we met Vikram, an indian guy who shared a boat with us to go to a castle located in the middle of the lake. We swam in the lake and we went with him to Lake Bohinj. It’s a wild place with a special soul.

Soča River is a must-go in Slovenia. It’s an amazing turquoise colour water that reminded us to the caribbean sea. It’s the best place for kayaking, canyoning, rafting… While we were in this area we slept in Adrenaline Check eco camping with Tim, an Australian who had been traveling for a really long time all around the world. At night we laid a fire and ate marshmallows with some other campers. During the day we decided to do canyoning in Soča. It was a nice experience.

To end our trip we went to Slovenia coast. This coast is only 20 kilometers long and it gets crowded; probably it is the main reason why we did not enjoyed that much our experience there. We knew that the Croatian coast was close but we did not have time enough to go. We agreed that the next time we would go there.

Thanks so much to Vikram, Andraž and his family, Tim, Patrick, Joe, Paul, Nicolas, Aitor, Liam and Lucas for making this trip an unforgettable one. Because after all, one trip is not only about the place, the activities or  the beauty, but also the shared moments with the amazing people you meet.


4 responses to “Taking life as it comes. A trip through Slovenia

  1. Wow!!! Slovenia was never on my list to visit, but now I have a second thought about my list. Great post. Love it.

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