Way of life

Watch all the crashes from the film Way of Life. Are they risking their lives?


22 responses to “Way of life

  1. Great vid! Are they risking their lives? No. Too much immediate support! But highly dangerous! And these bails hurt like hell!!! Does make you wanna go out and do it tho 😀

  2. Fun to watch, sure. But I don’t respect this kind of “skiing”, It’s more of Jackass movie than skiing. They take a helicopter ride to the top just to huck themselves down the mountain. They wouldn’t be doing this if they didn’t have baby sitters watching their every move to save them if they get in trouble.

    Real people ski similar lines with hard work, knowledge, and skills without killing themselves in the process:

    People s

    • Thank you for your comment! We respect your opinion but we are not sure about the baby sitters thing. There are some professional skiers that have died with people around taking care of them. They take a huge risk by doing what they love.
      Some of the free skiers that appear in most of the videos, competed in slalom, giant, super giant or mogul skiing while they were kids. So they worked hard and have a good technical level. Of course there are always exceptions.

      We prefer to climb the mountain and then ski; it is more rewarding for us. But we do not have the chance to get heliski for free, so it is easier to think this way.

      We know people that you would call “real people” that have died because of avalanches. I am not sure there is a way of preventing your death if you ski. You can try your best but there are external factors that do not depend of you.

      Thank you for sharing the pictures and the article, they are really impressive! What we express before, it is just our opinion based on facts but we can always be wrong!

  3. I’m not saying they aren’t taking risks, or talented, but the style of skiing portrayed In TGR films isn’t inspirational to me.

    Like I said I view it more as a Jackass film than a ski film. Definitely not a “way of life”. And certainly, they would ski differently if they didn’t have the “baby sitters” around.

    There are no facts here, just opinions, and my opinion is I enjoy watching films and skiing with people in films like:


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