Let it snow

We can’t wait for the ski season to start! Enjoy some pics of our last season!


2013-03-10 14.03.01-1

Les Trois Vallées

2013-02-19 11.26.48-1

2013-01-30 18.20.58

Les trois vallées


2013-01-30 15.41.27

2013-01-27 15.18.39

2013-01-16 16.47.10

2013-01-16 17.10.00


18 responses to “Let it snow

  1. Hey, if you want a guest post or two this winter on snowboarding I’d be down to write some (when i go). i used to coach, and this stuff gets me STOKED!!! Sweet pics btw

  2. Nice pictures!! Was it in the pyrenees ? I’m a young freeskier from France and I’m gonna live in Barcelona from January… is there a free ski/snowboard community in Barcelona to go riding in the Pyrenees ? thanks!

    • Hey Pyer! There are some pictures of the pyrenees and others from les trois vallées! I am sure you recognized “Le folie douce”! hahaha One of us is moving to your country in a month to ski. We are not members of any community but you can always join us if you want to ski!

      • Awesome!! I would be glad to commute from Barcelona and discover some secret spot in Pyrenees with you guys…Let’s keep in touch in january! 🙂

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